We hope these frequently asked questions can help you. Alternatively, you can also whats app us at 81632697 for other enquiries anytime. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Is there a proper place to wash up after cake smash?

Yes there is baby bathing facilities with warm water in our studio, just remember to bring along baby’s towel and shower gel.

Is bathing time included in shoot time?

No, the duration quoted in our packages are for photo shoot only.

What is the difference between family themes and baby themes?

Family themes are meant parents and kids 10 months-6 years old. There will be family shots, siblings shots and baby solo shots. Themes will chosen from our 9 family themes selection:

Family Thematic Setup

Baby themes are meant for 10 months – 15 months baby solo only. Themes will be chosen from our more than 100 baby theme selection:

Baby Thematic Setup

Are cake, props and outfits provided?

Both props and cake are provided, but outfit is not provided

Are your cake suitable to be consume by babies?

Yes, all our cakes are bake with baby friendly recipe with no flavoring, no salt and no sugar. Nevertheless, there is very minimal sugar in the cream on the cske. We also have eggless option available.

Do I need to arrive earlier?

Parents are advise to arrive about 5-10 mins earlier to allow baby some time to warm up to our area.

Can Grandparents or other extended family members join in the shoot?

Yes, of course! In future when baby look back at the photos, he or she will remember their grandparents and other relatives too! Additional adults can join in at $50/pax.

Can elder siblings join in baby thematic shoot?

Baby thematic shoot is only meant for 10 months – 18 months baby solo shots only.

Can elder siblings join in the cake smash shoot?

Sorry elder siblings are not allowed in cake smash shoot. Our cake smash shoots are meant for 18 months and below.

Can I customise my baby theme?

Baby thematic shoot can be customise with $200 top up.

Can my pet dog join in my family shoot?

Pets are not allowed in our studio, hence families with pets are advise to do outdoor shoots instead.

What outfit should I wear to the studio?

Come in your family thematic shoot outfit.

When is the best time to do a cake smash?

After baby is able to sit independently but before they can walk and start recognizing people. Around 10-11 months will be quite safe.

What if it rains on the day of my outdoor shoot?

If weather do not look promising, parents can choose to shift to an indoor shoot location like Changi T3 or postpone their shoot at no cost. Nevertheless either decision have to be made 2 hours before commencing time of their shoot. Parents are advice to check weather forecast before confirming their outdoor photo shoot slot.

What if baby is sick on the day of the shoot?

We do temperature checks on everyone who enters our studio, and reserve the rights to reject entry of anyone who is unwell or having a fever. For cake smash shoot, parents will have to buy over the cake at $50, other shoots can be postpone at no cost.

How long is your lead time?

Photos will usually be ready in a month’s time. Nevertheless if you are urgent, you can opt for our 3 days express edit with $50 top up where all photos will be ready in 3 days in the exact same quality.

Is make up service provided?


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