Family Thematic Setup

Keeping the Memory

Let your little one enter the magical wonderland of our themes from the adventurous safari to the dreamy hotair balloon, for once, let us all enter their world of endless possibilities in this most unique photoshoot experience together.

Good for extended Family shots, family shots, sibling shots, baby solo shots

Bohemian Bliss:

A timeless beauty, let us capture the essence of love, togetherness and shared moments in its warm and inviting ambience, creating treasured memories in the most relaxed style.

Newly launched on 19 May!

Classic English Charm:

Classic English Charm: Step into a world of timeless elegance. Within sophisticated panelled walls, discover a collection of vintage teddy bears and a cherished childhood rocking horse. Let your little maestros unleash their creativity on a small grand piano, crafting an intimate symphony of family togetherness. Experience the charm and sophistication of this classic setting, where memories are made and cherished.

Newly launched on 1 Jun!

A Toast of Time:

Our local kopitiam heritage is a cherished symbol of our culture. A nostalgic theme captures its timeless essence, evoking warm memories. Preserving and celebrating this heritage fosters a sense of identity, connects generations, and ensures its significance endures in our hearts and communities.

Safari Quest:

Be brave and fearless, little one, be ready to embark on an extraordinary journey. Let the jeep be your vessel of exploration, the teepee your refuge in the wild, and the bridge your pathway to new horizons. Let your explorer spirit shine!

On renovation: 18 Jul – 11 Aug

  • Bridge, teepee , jeep and all animals will stay
  • Green leave backdrop will be replace wooden backdrop

New theme will be launch on 12 Aug.

Dreamy Voyage:

Let your dreams take flight, little one, lets venture on a whimsical carousel adventures and hot air balloon aspirations under the moonlit wonders

On renovation: 1 Jul – 14 Jul

  • Carousel shelter and moon will be remove
  • Flying horse and hotair balloon will stay

New theme will be launch on 15 Jul.

Travel Wonderlust:

Step into a world vintage charm, ignite the spirit of adventure, travel around the world, journey to countless places and embrace diverse cultures , little one.

On renovation: 15 Aug – 31 Aug

  • Vintage car and suitcase will remain
  • Introduce vintage books and maps into the theme

New theme will be launch on 1 Sep.

Garden of Enchantment:

Immerse in a whimsical realm where lush gardens bloom with vibrant colours, fairy lights twinkle among the foliage, creating a magical atmosphere. Capture your memories in a fairy tale where power of love and hope overcome any challenge.

On renovation: 20 Jun – 27 Jun

  • Coloured backdrop removed and replace with white curtains with warm fairy lights,
  • New royal chair, pastel florals, princess carriage

New theme will be launch on 28 Jun.

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